Triangular Book - Legacy of the Count of St. Germain

On Immortality, Treasures, and Ancient Wisdom

To set the stage we must briefly discuss who the Count of St. Germain was and who he was not. In short: an 18th century person of unknown origin, good learning, highest social connections, and a few talents.

The Count of St Germain

His birth and heritage is a subject of much debate with entire books dedicated to the subject. However, it does not concern our discussion here since we now live in a time where a person may be judged more by their achievements, thoughts, and behavior rather than their family tree.


My name is Nicholas. Around the turn of the century, I decided to fulfill an obligation inherited by my family centuries ago to protect and support the work of the Count of St. Germain, namely The Triangular Book. My predecessors passed along certain knowledge that enabled me to fully decode and translate what was up to then a mysterious ciphered manuscript.

On these pages, I offer you a view into my research and thoughts on the subjects brought forth in that text. These include experimental science, alchemy, longevity, life extension, gemology, metallurgy, ceremonial magic, and ancient cultures.

Enough nonsense has been written on the subject of both the Count of St. Germain and his legend. I believe that the truth is more interesting than fiction. Therefore, here, I will present original research and hope to start new conversations on this curious subject.

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